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Participating AHMI members can provide documentation of the findings and verification for each load of Appalachian Hardwood Lumber.
Ask for the Verified Legal or the Verified  Sustainable certificates.

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The Appalachian Hardwood Forest is SUSTAINABLE because it is growing 2.45 trees for every tree that is harvested according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Forest Inventory and Analysis.

The Appalachian Hardwood Forest is LEGAL because more than 80% is owned by private individuals and families who follow local, state and federal laws and use best management practices to oversee the forest.

Appalachian Hardwood Manufacturers, Inc. (AHMI) offers two programs that verify both LEGALITY and SUSTAINABILITY of the hardwood resource purchased from member companies. Click on each logo below for more details.

The Appalachian Hardwood Verified Sustainable program assures customers that Appalachian Hardwoods are growing more than twice as many hardwoods as are harvested and dying combined.

The Appalachian Hardwood Verified Legal program assures customers that Appalachian Hardwoods are legal products from legitimate timber owners and companies in the United States and Canada.

AHMI was founded in 1928 and represents more than 200 lumber manufacturers, distributors, consumers, foresters and suppliers to the industry. Its mission is to promote the distinct advantages of hardwoods produced in the Appalachian region of the United States, and to develop programs and services to help insure an adequate supply of wood resource for the purpose of helping members meet the needs of the public in general.

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